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X is for Hot X Buns

I've almost made my way through the alphabet for my A-Z baking challenge. X was proving to be a bit of a challenge, I couldn't for the life of me think of what to make. Then with Easter approaching, my husband suggested I put a spin on things and make Hot X Buns. It ticks off the letter X and we get to enjoy some fresh, hot cross buns. Nothing beats home made.
I've tried my hand at hot cross buns once before with no luck. From memory, they turned out quite small & hard. The recipe I have used today is from I liked that it was relatively straightforward & had currants as I'm not a huge fan of sultanas, peel & all the other embellishments that seem to appear in hot cross buns days.  That said, there is nothing stopping you from adapting this recipe depending on your tastes - chocolate hot x buns seem popular these days, so why not try adding some cocoa & instead of currants, put in some chocolate chips? Or if you're like me & not …

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